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The Life of an Escort in London

Threesomes, sex parties, and orgies – that’s really what everyone thinks an escort’s life is like. However, things are not always glamorous and adventurous as most people would think. The life of an escort is full of challenges at times and happiness in other days.

The life of a big city can change you and make your life turn around, then become something you never envisioned yourself. That’s what it did to me at a younger age of just 9 years old. Now it’s six years down the line and still doing what I do best – being an escort to clients in London and surrounding cities.

Born and raised in downtown London, UK, my life was quite simple growing up. In school I was just a simple girl without many friends. As time went by and leaving school after finishing my high school education, I landed a few casual jobs that weren’t paying much and this is when the interest of becoming an escort kicked in.

“I could make more money being an escort and providing company to interested men.” That’s what I thought to myself one time after a tiring day of work from a local restaurant. I started researching and landed a good agency that took me in and started the work.

I must say, working as an exclusive escort in the beginning wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. Meeting new people and trying to satisfy the kinky requirements of your clients is not an easy feat – but I later came to embrace and enjoy the work.

When I started in the business, I was only a sexy teen eager to learn all it entails to become a successful escort. I came to learn that this line of work was not well regarded in the society. We were viewed as outcasts. We were not “normal” in the society and that got me stressed out at first since I really wanted to fit in.

However, as time went by, I realized that pleasing everyone wasn’t going to make me happy in any way. I was the one responsible for creating my own happiness. Fortunately, years later I’m now a successful escort who is independent and running her own show.

Now as a bust escort, I live a seemingly normal life of attending to my list of clients whenever one calls and enjoy every moment of the work. Meeting clients offers an amazing experience – especially if you are meeting someone who is respectful and nice.

I’ve managed to build solid relationships with many clients in the industry, and unlike many girls in the business; I strive to deliver good service to my customers.

As one of the many London escorts, I know how difficult it is to deal with certain clients at times. However, what I would advise beginner escorts is to first try and learn as much as you can before going independent.

It is always recommended to join an agency first, learn the ropes and then once you’ve gained enough experience, you can venture out on your own and build your own clientele.