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Derek Hits London

Well, that wasn’t what I expected, but I’m damned pleased I did it.
My name is Derek. I’m from upper New York state. I’ve been visiting a friend of mine who moved to the UK a few years ago. Jason has been having a blast since he was transferred to an office In an area called Luton, which is just on the outskirts of London. It’s a bit of a shithole really, but it’s close to the international airport which makes it a breeze to pop over.
I should explain. I met Jason years ago at a gay bar in my hometown. We hooked up one night and then sort of just drifted into a long, great friendship. I’ve been openly bisexual ever since I came out in high school, so I’ve got no issues about my sexuality. I’m young and fit and I like to have a good time. That’s why, whenever I fly over to see Jason, we make sure to head into central London to do the gay clubs for a night. He usually gets us a good deal at a downtown hotel in the West End so we don’t have to worry about getting back to his place in the early hours.
This visit, he’d managed to score a really nice Air bnb apartment, with plenty of space. So, once we got into London, we settled in, claimed our rooms and got ready to go out. I couldn’t wait. I usually love dancing and I was feeling particularly horny this evening. The one advantage I have over Jason, which I never fail to remind him of is that I have twice as many opportunities to score than he does. Not that he ever has a hard time picking someone up. Usually I don’t either.
We went out, grabbed a bite to eat at a little pizza joint and then went straight to the club. It was heaving. The music was loud and the crowd was rowdy. After about an hour, I saw Jason dancing with someone and then he disappeared. I don’t know why I was off my game, but I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. Jason’s a big boy and we always gave each other plenty of space when we went out, so it wouldn’t bother him if I headed off. That’s exactly what I did.
I ended up taking a twenty minute walk through the city back to our apartment. I was sort of peeved and a bit jealous that Jason managed to hook up and I was coming home alone. I made a cup of coffee and checked my emails. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I suddenly got the urge to look at some escort sites. It’s not like I’ve ever done anything like that before, but my frustration got the better of me and I thought that since I had come all the way to England, I was due a little bit of fun.
I scrolled through a few until I got to a very nicely put together site called I had no idea there were services like this. It was really cool. I love dating girls just as much as I love dating guys and I tell you what, these girls were unbelievably good looking. They also seemed to have skill sets that I absolutely knew would satisfy my needs that night. So, I went for it. I picked the hottest and naughtiest sounding lady I could and booked a date.
I was sort of shocked at myself for doing it. I mean, usually I just meet someone at the club and come back to my place, but this arrangement definitely suited my mood tonight. I just wasn’t into wasting all my energy and sweat on the dance floor and getting so drunk that my standards started slipping. I work hard and I’m on vacation. I wanted to treat myself.
Oh and what a treat she was. She was everything with icing on top. She turned up ready to help me make my night a good one and she was totally into it. I keep in shape and I know I look pretty good, so the mutual attraction ensured that the date turned into an incredibly exciting night. I’m sure glad I didn’t waste my sweat at that club.
When Jason rolled in at 5am and knocked on my door, I laughed my head off at the look on his face as I introduced him to Jazmin. He looked so confused and I could tell he couldn’t work out where she came from. Well, that is now my little secret. The funniest part was that Jason came home alone.